Daily happenings


Addie and Claire: the two of them are truly best friends and I pray this continues throughout their whole lives.


This is a game they play where you have to make the ugliest or prettiest face depending on what the chooser says. Whoever has the ugliest or prettiest face wins. I think sometimes they are confused whether it is ugly face or pretty face time.


Claire and Addie had a sleepover with some friends from school. They ate pizza, cookies, and lots and lots of junk food. They barely slept because in their own words they were up all night “telling horror movies” When did my little girls get so big?


Randy trying to organize the craziness


This is Franquelli, one of the boys in our Homework Help program


GIBSON being gibson


Gibson HATES sleeping alone, so after Autry falls alseep he always crawls into bed with his brother, or his sister, or his mommy… Good thing his brother who he shares a room with is pretty patient.