The joy of answered prayers

This last week we had our dear friends Ben and Tonya Storment come and visit us. It was such a great visit, and we are so thankful for the time we had with them.  We talked a lot and all got way to little sleep.

I was going to share all this on facebook but I realized it is too much of a story for a facebook status.

Three weeks ago I showed up to teach at our Haitian School like I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I was surprised to see that two of our students Wandly and Emerson were not attending class. The two of them excel in English and always have huge smiles on their faces. I look forward to seeing them every time I am out there. I started to ask around to figure out where they were. The director told me some shocking and sad news: There mom was gone in Haiti (when people go to Haiti this could be a 3 day, 3 week, or 3 year visit) so their dad came to get them. He then informed me the dad lived over two hours away. In short Wandly and Emerson wouldn’t be attending the school anymore. I was really bummed. We have had a handful of students leave over the duration of our school, but this was by far the hardest for me. To make matters worse, Emerson’s sponsor (The Storment Family) was due to come in two weeks.

That afternoon I was scheduled to talk to Tonya Storment on the phone to give her any possible details about the trip. I told her about Emerson and she was really bummed. She had been looking forward to meeting Emerson and even planned the trip around his birthday.

During this time, in the car I had been listening to series of missionary biographies on audio book. I had become greatly encouraged that I needed to pray more for our ministries here and for the children by name. I began to pray that Emerson and his brother would return to the school in time for the Storment family to meet him.  I had also been convicted that when I pray I need to be confident that the Lord can answer our prayers in mighty ways. I began praying knowing that God could answer, and if he didn’t that was all part of his sovereign plan.

The Monday before the Storments arrived I saw Emerson’s mom (who had returned the day before from Haiti) and she surprised me by saying that she had been calling the dad to try and get the boys back. I as excited that this was better than no news, but I also know that sometimes the Haitian families do not have the money to carry through these plans.  The fact that she was trying to get him back was great, but this could be months in the making

The Storment’s first day at the school Emerson still wasn’t there. They enjoyed seeing the school but it was still a bummer that the boy they had been sponsoring for the last year and half wasn’t there.

I continued praying all weekend that he would be there on Monday, the Storment’s last day, but if I am honest I wasn’t optimistic. As we drove to the school I wasn’t even thinking about it. We arrived at the Haitian School and walked through the door, and there was Emerson with a BIG smile on his face. I actually did a double take not wanting to get too excited, but it was him. God had answered my prayers, even though I felt they were close to impossible.

I loved being able to see  Emerson meet the Storments. He was just so excited. The entire time during English class he kept looking over at them to make sure they were watching how good he was doing. He was so happy to meet them, and they were thrilled to meet him.
I am still basking in the joy of the whole experience. I am convicted all over again that I need to be praying for each and every one of the kids in our Haitian School and our Homework Help Program. The Lord commands us to “Pray Continuously” and I will admit that I fall short so often. But, I am so happy that God is always faithful even when we are not.


The Storments meeting Emerson