Halfway through

We have now been in the states for  2 months! We are half way through our time stateside and I can hardly believe it. It has flown by! Here is our first two months in a nutshell: Flew into Portland drove to Emilie’s parent’s house in Federal Way, WA, over to Poulsbo for a week with Randy’s family, camping at Mayfield lake, back to Emilie’s parent’s house (during this time we visited 7 different families and drove to Whidbey island for the day); Onto vacation  with Randy’s family in Soap Lake, WA (but stopped on the way to visit a friend in Ellensburg), Randy and Emilie went to Leavenworth for 4 days for their anniversary in the middle of the Soap Lake vacation, then we drove down through Yakima visited with a friend for a couple hours and drove to Portland; Emilie then left the next day for a ladies weekend at the Oregon Coast; she returned for a day and then we drove down to Southern Oregon to visit some friends for a night;  then we were down in California for a week where we filled our days with many things (camping, wineries, moms groups, and lots of pond swimming were some of the fun activities);  Last Saturday we returned back from Beaverton, Or and started homeschool on Monday. Does that list sound exhausting to you? it really really was :). But, we have enjoyed every minute of it.

I was thinking through the other day of things I am realizing that I love about the states and the things I miss in the Dominican Republic.

Here are the things I miss in the Dominican ( I am not going to include friends and relationships because I do miss that, but if we aren’t in the states I miss the relationships that are in the states as well) :

-Our Neighbors, and having kids in and out of our house all day. I miss having people to hangout with every time I walk out my doors.

-I miss the prices of going out to eat and buying groceries

-I miss shopping at the Haitian market for cheap clothes

-I miss talking in Spanish

-I miss having a little mini-mart (colmado) every time I am out of things

-I miss our home

Here are the things I LOVE about the states:

-the Library: The ability to check out books and have thousands of books at our fingertips at even given moment is pretty incredible

-The Parks: there are so many amazing parks and so many places to run and walk

-Singing and Worshiping in English: I  enjoy singing in Spanish but there is something about worshiping in your native tongue that is such a blessing

-The Salads: I LOVE all the different varieties of salad and greens

-The Food: I have eaten WAY to much

-Homeschooling: I am really really enjoying homeschooling the kids

Here are some pictures of our time in the states:


The zoo with my sister and Andy


We celebrated Gibson’s Birthday


I went away for the weekend with friends and some of the husbands all got together with A LOT of kids!


We visted some dear friends in Gold Beach, OR. The beach in Oregon is much different than the beach in the Dominican Republic.


We went down to California to visit cousins. This is Clarabelle with her sweet little cousin Lyla.


The Sunday we got bak to Oregon we were able to teach the 1st-5th graders at SW Bible Church during the Sunday School hour.


The kids had sooooo much fun with their cousins.

That about sums up our time here in the states. We are LOVING our time here but at the same time excited to get back