Clarabelle turns 10!


I used be super good about blogging, but I am not anymore. But, I really do like to blog on our kid’s birthdays, to reflect on them and the person that God is growing them to be. Sometimes as my kids get older I think, how can they be this age? But, with Clarabelle I feel like she should be 10 already. She is very mature and wise for her age, and  a joy to be around. She is delightful company. Clarabelle has so many friends, talks with people wherever she goes, and is super creative. She creates and designs things out of nothing, and is constantly creating new things.  I am consistently amazed by her new creations. She started a youtube channel this year, and here is a link to one of her videos:

Claire also has a passion to tell her friends about Jesus, which has been such a blessing for me to see. After I have been visiting with a neighbor she will ask me, “Mommy did you share the gospel with them?”  She tells her friends about Jesus.  The other day Clarabelle told her friend, “It doesn’t matter how many good things you do, that won’t get you to heaven.”  Her friend got mad at her, and Clarabelle came home in tears and said to me, “It just makes me so sad, but I keep telling myself, the bible says that the world will hate me because of Jesus.” Of course at this point I started crying, so we decided that we would start a bible study for her and her friends and her during the summer.

This little girl brings our family so much joy, life, and creativity. She is also great at conversations, thinking of questions to ask that would never even cross my mind. I am thankful for her every single day.

This year was a hard birthday for my sweet girl. We woke up in the morning to find that someone had killed her dog and robbed a few things from our patio. This dog was Claire’s birthday present last year and really was her best friend. It was and still is so sad. We are all missing our puppy a lot, and my sweet girl is devastated. The sting of death on this earth hurts, we can see things dying and decaying everywhere we look, but we know that one day there will be no more death. Praise the Lord!

We were thankful for the many distractions a birthday can bring even if it was a rough day. Here are some pictures of her birthday party.