Second 1st day of School

We have now lived here a year (I will write soon a blog post communicating my thoughts on being here a year) which means we are doing everything now for a second time. Which means we are starting school for the second time since we have been here, and what a difference a year makes. A year ago I was so worried about the kids starting school, I was worried about them not knowing Spanish, I was worried about them making friends, but those worries seem so far away.

The kids were completely fine in school. THey made lots of friends and speak Spanish like they were born in the Dominican Republic. But, today I sent my little Addie Bear to school. I can hardly believe it. She was so excited, literally bouncing up and down as she waited for us to leave. My sweet, caring, shy Addie bear could hardly wait for her first day of school. She has been counting down with her back pack ready since June. She is the shortest girl in her class by a couple inches, and was standing there as happy as can be.

On these days I am reminded once again that our children are not our own and they really are in the Lord’s hands. We can do what we can do but when it comes down to it he is the one in control. Praise the Lord that he is bigger, more powerful, and more loving than any of us!


First day of School Breakfast Pioneer Woman French Toast So delicious!


3 going to school and 1 that is going to miss the rest terribly


Daddy and Addie


So excited!


Shortest girl in class



They got her name wrong on her name tag. She said, “It’s okay mom Lucy is in my name too”


Big 3rd grader

Sweet Clarabelle fits right back in