​I really really love books. I may even say I have a slight obsession when it comes to books. Truth be told, I LOVE children’s books. As we were packing to come to the Dominican Republic I had to get rid of a lot of books. Every single book that I put in the goodwill pile I felt a little piece of loss. I know this is weird, but I just really love everything that a book brings. I love the nostalgia of a book that was read when you were young. I love that a book takes you to a different place, and that there is so much to learn from stories. You can learn about places you will never visit, learn about things that happened long ago, you learn new words, and you even learn to better your grammar.

I have thankfully passed this love down to my children, mainly our oldest. I am pretty sure he reads more than any person alive. He read all the Lord of the Rings books in 2 days and then can turn around and tell you exactly what happened. I love that we can talk about books together. This is also one of the reasons I love homeschooling because the kids and I get to read books together.

One of the things that has been hard for me since coming to the Dominican Republic is seeing that in the poor communities, reading for enjoyment has become almost obsolete. Reading for knowledge is almost unattainable because books are super expensive. One thing I would love to show these children (second to the gospel of course) is the magic that can happen when you open a book. I want them to have access to books.

I believe flipping through books helps children learn to do things sequentially which helps form logical thinking. I believe opening a book, opens minds to things never even imagined. I also believe that books help children unplug from the technology that they are constantly bombarded with. For all these reasons I have decided to do a book fair through Usborne books. I have chosen several books that I would love to have. Although the majority of them are in English I hope to translate several of them. (especially the fiction ones)

I have chosen several books that would be a help to us and our ministry.  This is a way that people can help us in a tangible way with our Homework Help Program**.  Every time someone purchases a book for us we receive 50% to buy more books. You can also buy some of the amazing Usborne books for yourself and we will still get 50% to buy more books. It is a win win for everyone. I am sooooo excited about this opportunity and the chance to bring books to kids who have very rarely been able to enter into the joy of reading. If you would like to join in our book sale let me know and I will send you a link to the facebook event where we will be selling the books. My email is emiliepoor@gmail.com.


**Our main programed ministry here is a Homework Help Program. We invite children into our home to help them learn basic reading and math skills. Our main goal in this program is for kids to hear the gospel, but we also work really hard with them to learn basic education skills.


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