Having Patience is Hard

Ministry Update for January 2015

Christmas time in the DR is a bit anti-climatic. They don’t celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving so the Christmas season really starts ramping up in late October so come December 20ish, unless you’re like Emilie who would have Christmas all year, you’re just about fed up with the songs, the lights, the shopping, and everything else. Then vacation hits and you spend time with the family and start getting prepared to celebrate the incarnation–the true Christmas. Then Christmas comes, then there’s New Years, then there’s 3 Kings Day, then Juan Pablo Duarte Day, school and ministry stops for around 4 weeks and all of a sudden it’s February and the Carnival time (and the Super Bowl….GO HAWKS). “Winter” here in the DR isn’t cold. There are a lot of non-word days. There’s a LOT of drinking and partying.
What all that means for us is we need to have a lot of patience. Patience to know that ministry is hard to start up again after a break. Patience to allow God to work through you instead of making like Abram and Hagar. Patience in having things feel normal. Patience.
Here’s the problem: Having patience is really hard.
Not a long post this month. But an important one for us. Please take a few moments and pray for us to have patience, which really corresponds to an increased faith, and to be used by the Lord to reach the lost in this country.