Discipling Others for the Glory of the Lord

Emilie and I were pretty lucky. When we were young and stupid (funny how often those two words go together) we started going to a small group at our church. Very often, we would find ourselves still sitting on the leaders couch long after the group was over, asking question after question about theology, parenting, child raising, life, whatever.

My memory isn’t that great, I can’t remember more than one of my teachers names from junior high, but I can certainly look back, geez almost 10 years ago, and remember how different we were then than we are today. In fact, it’s super strange to see how we went from immature 24 year olds who needed to have our spiritual hands held, to a time later when we were a little less immature and how we were able to let go of the hands that guided us, I can recognize times in life when we seemingly turned a corner and started teaching ourselves without the need of someone else, to now-a-days when we are the couple who is discipling younger believers.

Here in this country, there aren’t a lot of godly men around. Teenage pregnancy is rampant, men have multiple families in the same neighborhood, on Sundays it’s hard to find a man who isn’t drunk let alone to find one in church, and when there are men attending church, you can tell that a lot of them are dragged there by their wives. Without godly men, there are less mature marriages, and without good marriages, there are less healthy families, and with unhealthy families, comes kids who end up having kids and the cycle continues. It’s truly sad.

Last night, after a month or two off for one reason or another, I met with a group of young men I lead in a bible study.  It’s a great sight to see: men with their bibles open, talking about Jesus, and encouraging each other to love and good works.

I suppose I write this as an encouragement to anyone who will read it to get involved with the discipleship process. With all the acumen you can muster, identify where you are as to whether you should be discipling or being discipled, and pray that God will send someone your way. If you have been praying for this, put some legs to those prayers and ask someone if they want to start meeting with you to study the bible. I don’t know what’s more terrifying–asking to be discipled or asking if you can disciple someone, but I know for certain that the result is worth it!