May Update

Dearest Friends,

It has been a month since we last updated you all on our support. We are still praying to be at 80% by this Friday, but we are currently at 66%. We are trusting in the Lord that he will provide the rest by Friday. This month has continued to be a month of learning what it means to trust in the Lord for his provision. Randy quit his job and has been working hard on learning Spanish spending nearly four hours a day trying to get it down. This has also given us freedom to meet with many more people about support. We are still hoping to leave the end of July which is only two months away. We have been seeing the Lord’s provision constantly and he continues to provide for all our needs. 
This month has been filled with meeting with lots of people and we have picked up 3 new supporters. I can’t even express the joy it has been to meet with so many amazing people and being able to share with others what’s on our heart as well as being able to hear what the Lord has put on their heart . The Lord also provided for us a point shoot camera, which was a prayer request last month, praise the Lord! 
Here are some things that you could be praying for 
  • The we would reach 80% by Friday
  • That we would reach 100% support and be able to leave by the end of July
  • Clothes for all of us. We are having to basically completely redo our wardrobes because our Oregon clothes will be a little too warm for the Dominican Republic
  • That we will reach the $20,000 we need for our going expenses which includes setting up our house and a car once we get there
The Poor Family
Randy, Emilie, Autry, Clarabelle, Adelaide, and Gibson