Snapshots of the Day

My last few posts have been pretty devoid of pictures so I wanted to post some of what a regular day looks like around here. We start up our ministries next week, but this is what our day will still look like all be it a little busier.


The day Must start with Coffee. I make our coffee out to of this little contraption every morning and drink out of this exact mug. I have had had this mug for about 12 years. I had one that was the same but a different color, but I dropped it our first couple months in the Dominican. #BESTMUGEVER 


Most days this is where Gibson is during school. He is on the floor playing legos. He participates when it is his time to participate but he also plays a lot of legos. Kindergarten math and reading don’t take quite as long as the subjects for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. 


Here’s our school center. Most of the time this table is completely covered by books by the end of the day. I think I must have just had them clear it. 


Here is Randy changing a light bulb in our backyard. Yes, we actually have two lightbulbs up in our huge mango tree. If you look at the trunk you will see the leg of his little helper. 


Bikes our a big part of kid life here in our neighborhood. Everyone wants a bike and rides all day long up and down the streets. Its kind of like camping watching the kids go around and around the loop.  Having a bike pump is very useful, but if you have one expect it to be borrowed pretty consistently. 


Here’s the beginning of lunch. It will eventually be a mixture of rice, beans, and meat. I like to put lots of veggies in too. I make my own version of dominican food. 


Here’s Addie on our balcony. In the afternoon it is completely shaded and a nice breeze is always blowing. Its the best place to be in the afternoon and our kids play on it all the time


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