Happy Birthday Sweet Adelaide

Addie Birthday Party

My sweet baby girl turned 6 on Saturday. She is little, cute, and sweet. Addie is so loving to her family. I can always count on Addie for a cuddle, hug, or a kiss.  She was so excited to go to school this year, but it was hard for her once she realized how long the school day is and how long she would be away from her family. Addie takes awhile to warm up to people she doesn’t know, but once you win her over she is your friend for life. Addie LOVES to play with her brothers and sisters. Right now she loves Tinkerbell, Frozen, and Sofia the First.

She also loves to color and do math. Addie is incredibly smart.  Recently she has learned about her body and likes teaching anybody who will listen about their digestive track whether in English or in Spanish. It will be fun to see as she grows as the Lord uses her love for knowledge.

The Lord has blessed us with such a kind, loyal, loving, intelligent little girl. I am so thankful for her.

Here are a few pictures of her birthday


Addie and her Daddy at her party


Addie and her good friend from our neighborhood, Genesis.

Addie's friends

Birthday Friends

Nuris, Yafresi, y Addie

Addie and two of our favorite people in the Dominican (Nuris y Yafresi).


Blowing out Candles 


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