Happy Birthday Autry

My little boy turned 8 yesterday and I can hardly believe it. He is my big, strong, tough boy who is also so sweet and sentimental. Yesterday morning he came into my room at 7:00am and said, “Mommy I’m 8” he then crawled into my bed and cuddled me saying, “Daddy got the last 7 year old kiss and now you are getting the first 8 year old kiss.” Talk about breaking a mommy’s heart. This has been quite the year for Autry, moving to a new country and starting school for the first time. He has grown up so much in the last 4 months. We have seen him get through a rough start to the school year, learn to make friends with a bully who was being mean to everyone, protect and take care of his sister at school, give all his money to the Haitian pastor, and the list goes on and on. The Lord is developing in him an amazing heart for people and it is a privilege to get to watch.

I am so thankful for this little boy who makes me go crazy, laugh, and smile all within the same hour. I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for him. I love that he loves looking at pictures of himself from when he was little, will sit and listen to any book at anytime no matter what he is doing, forces us to do the exact same things for his birthday every year (pancakes that spell his name and banana cake), and gets so excited about the littlest of things. 

Autry was adamant that he wanted a Hobbit birthday party. However, when you live oversees birthday decorations are a little hard to come by. However he was thrilled when I wrote Happy Birthday in Elvish for him and drew some Hobbit pictures to put on his banner. He gets so excited about things and it makes being his parents fun. We had a birthday party for him the night before, and then woke up and celebrated his birthday all day. We had pancakes for breakfast and for lunch he wanted Yaroa (basically french fries covered in meat, mayo, ketchup, and cheese),  and then we watched the Lord of the Rings all day long. He watched the extended versions of both Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers. Can we say obsessed? 


Hobbit Birthday cake!

A little side note, but before Christmas he got to go to his first ever move in the theatre. We went and saw the Hobbit in 3D. When we walked into the theatre he was so amazed at how big the screen was. Throughout the entire movie he was on the edge of his seat. He was giggling so thrilled through every battle seen. I love that little boy!


SInging Happy BIrthday. Notice the firecracker on his birthday cake. We were asked once if you can find those in the states. I said, I am pretty sure those are not legal in the states.



Watching Two Towers



All he wanted for his birthday was some new fake weapons because he had to leave his when we moved. He carried his new sword, which is actually a water gun, with him all day.


Traditional Birthday Pancakes



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