Christmas time

We had a wonderful Christmas. I do have to say I missed the cold, family celebrations, and just american celebrations in general. I will fully admit that I get a little jealous every time I see pictures of people all bundled up looking at Christmas lights. There is something so comforting about coats, scarfs, boots, and warm drinks on a cold evening.

However, we had a really good Christmas season. The grandparents sent all the gifts ahead of time so the kids all got to enjoy thoughtful presents from their grandparents. Christmas Eve (Nochebuena)  was spent with at our friend’s parent’s house in the country outside of the city we live in. It was a very fun night with lots and lots of food. We were quite shocked however to find out that it is completely normal to eat dinner on Christmas Eve night at around 10:00, when we left at 11:00 because our Children were melting down, people were arriving to the festivities. I fell asleep around 1:00am and the parties around us were still raging. Dominicans know how to party thats for sure!

December has also been the month where the kids Spanish skills have just taken off. Claire and Autry’s Spanish surprises me daily. Their grammar is horrible but the amount of words they know is impressive. Every week they seemed to learn more and more. I was actually a little bummed to see Christmas break come because I didn’t want their progress to stop. In no time at all they will be speaking better than me! The most amazing  thing to me is that they speak in a perfect Dominican accent. When Claire speaks Spanish you would have no idea that she is a native English speaker because her accent is so perfect. It is amazing how God created our brains!  Autry and Claire also had a Christmas program at school. They learned several Dominican Christmas carols and are now singing them all the time. It is fun to here. The only bummer is that I think they know more Christmas songs in Spanish than in English. I am going to have to work on that.


Autry and Claire all ready for their Christmas program


All ready to open their presents


Autry got a new Kindle for Christmas and was thrilled. A certain sister who will remain nameless dropped his old Kindle out the window during a heavy rain


New Doll!


A new kindle from Nana and Papa and a Kindle giftcard from Grammy and Granmpy



THe Girls got matching Sofia nightgowns


The biggest reaction by far were these ornaments that my mom cross stiched for the kids. I have a whole set of them from growing up and the kids LOVE them. When they opened them up Autry shrieked, “THANK YOU GRAMMY, I LOVE GRAMMY!”


Gibson got a new set of legos and loved them but was still recovering from being sick and had little to no reaction on almost everything


Randy played Dominos all night with the men. Which is the national pastime for almost all men in the Dominican.


Our feast awaits! Gibson was a little cranky when it was 10:00 and he hadn’t eaten yet.


Our friend Altagracia with all the food. We had pastelon, two different kinds of rice, grilled pork, lasagna, spagetti, bread, fruit. It was quite the meal.


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