Somedays, as I drive down the road I am completely taken back by the fact that we live in the Dominican Republic. I look around at the chickens, horses, and cows walking down the road, some of the makeshift houses, the potholes in the road,  the sea of concrete houses, the banana trees/palm trees everywhere and I think, “How can it be that we live here? How can it be that this is our home? How did we even get here?” Life as we know it has changed so much in the last 3 months.


Our neighbor (we have amazing neighbors) let us go up on their roof to take pictures of the area. Here is a picture of our house from two stories up and a little boy hiding on the wall. Yes, it is weird here to have palm trees growing out of your roof! But, it makes it really easy to describe which house we live in.


Our neighbor’s banana/plantain garden. They give us plantains and bananas frequently.


This is a picture of our neighborhood. I wish I would have gone up there a couple minutes earlier to catch the sunset.

Now, don’t get me wrong life is good. We are making friends, we have found a church that we really like, we are starting to carve out our ministry paths. Life is just different and it is just mind boggling to think of all the changes. Here are a few:

  • we ride a scooter almost everywhere
  • our truck runs on propane
  • our kids are not only going to school in Spanish but they are going to school for the first time
  • Our parents arn’t a short 3 hour drive away
  • It is difficult to have deep conversations with people because they speak Spanish and we speak English
  • We love our church but the worship is really really loud (and it is pretty calm compared to most churches we have visited)
  • We are hot all the time. It is really true when I say the only change in weather that we notice is that some nights we have to turn off the fan
  • I don’t buy coconut water at the store, I buy it from a vendor on the side of the road that pours the coconut water straight into a glass
  • little lizards everywhere inside, outside, all over the place. They use to make us jump but now they are just part of life
  • Cold showers
  • tile floors in the entire house. They are easier to clean, but everything that gets dropped on them breaks
  • Running a stoplight is normal and staying in your lane is not
  • Buying fruit on the side of the road
  • Eating a lot of beans and rice
  • Yesterday we went to the dentist without having dental insurance. 3 of us got our teeth cleaned with fluoride, Autry got x-rayed, and two teeth pulled with Novocain. We payed about $50
  • I have a maid that comes once a week for $12
  • we are incredibly wealth compared to the majority of people around us

We are enjoying our life here a lot. We miss our family and our friends but we have a good life here. I often think how nice it is for us to be here as a family. It is impossible to be lonely when you have an amazing husband and 4 great kids.

Here are some random pictures of our life


A picture I found on our camera that one of the kids took


Hanging out in the morning. I am drinking my coffee and the kids are eating their oatmeal


All the boys in Autry’s class


Autry with all the boys from our older class


My with one of our students Kervens. This guy is super funny!


Last month we received a huge amount of school supplies. It was a huge blessing


Cute little boys


and silly little girls


2 thoughts on “Life

  1. Kim Karper says:

    I totally get you in the “I can’t believe we live here!” thing. I feel that way all of the time. We miss home too, but are happy here. Going to Thailand for Christmas!

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