We left Portland 7 1/2 weeks ago. Every time I think of how long we have been here it blows my mind. Part of me feels like we just got here, but on the other hand I feel like we have been here forever.  We are babies in the our missionary life and these first few weeks have been emotional. Emotional in a way that is hard to describe. Sometimes I feel completely overwhelmed by the newness of everything and other times I feel completely thankful and at peace with this amazing place the Lord has given us to live and to serve. Sometimes I feel completely lonely, missing desperately the comfort of friends and other times I am extremely thankful for the new people we are getting to know. The hardest thing about living here for sure, which goes without saying, is being so far from our family and friends.  Home groups started at our church this month and it is sad not to be a part of that.  I am writing this all just to let you in on what is going on in my head and so you have a better idea on how to keep us in your prayers. I think it is so important as missionaries to be known by the people in the states, and not only know the good stuff.

We are so blessed to be here, the Lord has given us amazing opportunities to serve here. I am LOVING being able to serve and teach at our Haitian school. I already love those little children so much and I look forward to going out there each week. Randy was able to preach at the church connected with the school this last Sunday. It was an amazing experience being a part of a Haitian church service. It was about 2 1/2 hours long, with Randy only preaching for about 30 minutes. The Haitian people love to sing and they love to pray. For me it has been probably 20 years since I have been in a church service where I understood absolutely nothing. But, I am so grateful we were able to be a part of it. For those of you not on facebook here are some pictures.


We had to go out the night before and buy a shirt and tie for Randy because as you can see the Haitian men dress extremely formal for church.


The kids were a little shell shocked by the length of the service, but they did great!


We thought we were going to have to do a three part translation. Randy english into Spanish by Emilie and then into Creole by the pastor. Thankfully at the last minute they found someone to translate from English to Creole.


THey asked me to introduce our family


I was relived when Gibson fell asleep



Emilie teaching at the Haitian school, it isn’t the best picture since it was taken from her phone by Gibson, but you get the point. 🙂

One thing that has really helped me to stay grounded has been keeping a thankfulness journal, I shared a little bit of it in the beginning but I want to make a regular practice of sharing the many things we have to be thankful for. Here are a few of the things, I won’t write them all because there is well over a 100.

Thank you for…

  • Amazon
  • helping the kids be so brave on their first day of school
  • for friends to celebrate GIbson’s birthday
  • ice cream when it’s hot
  • that Autry has no one who speaks English in his class so he will learn faster
  • drill bits to go through concrete so I can hang things on the wall
  • times of discouragement in learning Spanish because this will bring perseverance
  • 10 years of being married
  • screens to keep out bugs
  • Addie and Gibson play so well
  • talking to friends and family on the phone/skype
  • pretty curtains
  • how good Randy is at teaching
  • providing us with a Haitian school to work with and a Haitian pastor with incredible vision for the people of Haiti
  • providing sponsors for the Haitian children
  • football
  • a secure house
  • 3 meals a day
  • that I get to teach at the Haitian school
  • that I never have to know that my children are hungry and i don’t have the money to feed them
  • Claire’s amazing ability to make friends
  • that I caught the hot sauce before it fell on the ground
  • times of loneliness so we can press into you and know you more
  • that you are with us

It blows me away all the gifts the Lord has given us, I pray that even in the hardest of times I will be able to look back and give thanks always.


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