Today I am giving a small tour of our home


This is the outside of our house. I could of taken another one to filter out the sun, but this one had two cute little kids in it, and Addie is effectively censoring this picture so no one is offended by Gibson’s nakedness.

I decided the best day to give a tour of our house is the day after our maid came for the first time. She was amazing! She will becoming every Thursday. It will be so nice to have some help around here, because I feel that it is near impossible to keep completely on top of the housework. With 4 kids, no dishwasher, a labor intensive laundry system, and having to mop every day because it gets so dusty and this keep the bugs away; I was finding it near impossible to get any deep cleaning done. For me it was such a blessing to have her come. Plus, around here it is looked down upon, if you have the means,  to not hire any help.  I say woohoo for having a maid for an incredibly reasonable price!


Here is a on our sidewalk looking down on our house, so you can see our street. You can also see our street a little bit if you watched this video


If you walk into our house and look to your left you will see this crazy Jacuzzi thing. The people who own the house won the Lottery and decided to add crazy things like this to the house. It is really sad because now they have no money and are actually in debt quite a bit. Behind the Jacuzzi area is my little laundry space.


This is our entryway. To the left is the jacuzzi and our enclosed dining room and to the right is our carport.


When you walk in the door and turn left you will enter our living room area. We are very Dominican with our bamboo furniture.


This is our nice dining room. We put screens up so we have the feeling of being outside without being joined by flies and mosquitos.


Once you walk past the living room you enter the area where the 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms are. Here is the kids bedroom. All four kids wanted to share a room. I guess after all sharing a bed for 6 months, having a boys and girls rooms was a little much for them.


The third bedroom which is the playroom


MIne and Randy’s bedroom complete with a little boy


If you walk to the right of the entry way you enter a huge room that we have put our desks in and also the kitchen.


Here is the room to the right of the entry way that feeds into the kitchen. It is a huge room that all we have in it is 3 desks and a bookshelf. If is nice to have such open space. But it is weird having so many living spaces. This is by far the biggest house we have ever lived in.


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