DSC_3454 DSC_3451Yesterday with all the craziness of the big kids starting school, Gibson  turned 3 yesterday. We had already done a party for him with grandparents before we left, so the celebrations were a little smaller than normal. He had a couple small presents in the morning and we invited some people over for cake and ice cream at night. Addie, Gibson, and I also went to the park while the big kids were at school. Gibson is very excited to be three, he has been asking when he gets to turn 3 for the last like 4 months. When he woke up this morning one of the first things he said was, “Am I still 3?”


Playing at the park for his birthday

I ask myself all the time how it is possible that my little baby boy is 3? For those of you who don’t know Gibson, I will describe him for you. First of all, Gibson is all boy. He loves swords, wrestling, legos, super heroes etc. If you ask him what his favorite things are he will tell you, “bad guys and kung fu pandy”. Gibson is always talking and loves to make jokes. He is actually really funny, and Randy and I often find ourselves marveling at the comedic timing of his jokes. All of his older siblings adore him, and always want to play him. Really anywhere we go everyone loves Gibson from little kids, big kids, teenagers, and adults. He is a charmer and a comedian. He loves people. Here in the Dominican he is always the star of the show because of his blond hair. Seriously, strangers want to get their picture taken with him. If you ask him to take a picture he rarely ever smiles, but has several faces that he like to make in pictures, and has names for all these faces: pirate face, surprise face, crazy face… We never stop laughing have him around.
We love our little buddy and we are so thankful that God gave him to us, and that we get to be his parents. We pray that he will grow up to love God and use his charming personality to impact the world around him for the Lord.


One of Gibson’s picture faces (that is our truck in the background)ImageImage


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