First Day of School Pictures

I dropped them off today. Claire was as cute as can be in her little uniform, and Autry was my sweet little boy. I did okay until Autry ran over to me to give me a kiss and a hug right before he left in his class line. When did my kids get so big? I don’t know why some of the pictures are big and some are so small. Claire was being much more cooperative in the picture taking. That’s why there are a ton of her and not so many of Autry.


Transportation to and from school. Clarabelle will be there with them too, I just didn’t want her hair to get messed up for pictures!


So glad Randy will be there at the school with them


And here’s the Birthday Boy. Claire was very sad that she had to start school on Gibber’s birthday.


Claire with her teacher. Her teacher is such a sweet lady. I am so glad I was able to meet her and talk to her.


So excited for school!


Sitting in her desk


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