New Era

This tuesday starts a new era in the Poor Family. Claire and Autry are going to an actual school. I am on the verge of tears every time I think of it, and I am sure tomorrow I am barely going to be holding it together. As I thought of this transition for the last few months, I have been totally fine. However, over the last few days it has been slowly hitting me. My 2 oldest babies arn’t going to be with me every day all day. Part of me feels relieved because only having 2 at home is going to be a lot easier. The other part of me is scared to death. 

However, I know that this is a time where I have to really look at how much I am trusting God for the lives of our children. When they are at home, it is easy to think you are in control of your kids. But in reality I have never been in charge of them, I have never really had control. Now, as the leave the shelter of our home and are on their own for the majority of the day, I am forced to realize how our children really are in the hands of the Lord. 

This is my prayer as my kids head off to school tomorrow


I know you hold the whole world in your hands, and you hold Autry and Claire in your hands as they head off to school Keep them safe. Help them to remember the things we have taught them at home to discern right from wrong. Help them to make good friends, help them to learn Spanish quickly, help them to not be scared. Help them to know you, help them to be a light of you to the world around them. Amen.

I know this mommy is going to be a wreck tomorrow, so if you remember to keep me in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it.  


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