Here we go!

We’re starting our first big undertaking as missionaries. There is a Haitian school that’s affiliated with the Dominican school Randy’s teaching at, that’s looking for sponsors for 20 kids. For $25 dollars a Haitian refugee can go to a Christian school, hear the gospel, get educated, and eat what might be the only meal they eat for the day.

There are an estimated 2 million Haitian refugees “living” in the DR. For years they have come looking for work (please watch this documentary about the living and working conditions of these modern day slaves). That number is an educated guess because since the earthquake, streams of undocumented Haitians have come to the DR looking for a better life. They cannot hold legal jobs and their children cannot go to school because they do not have, or have been stripped of their documentation. We are connected with some missionaries who have started opening up schools to help these poor children.

For less than $1 a day you can change the life of a child. Think about that. One dollar. One itty bitty dollar. One dollar means the difference between a kid eating and going hungry. The reality is, that $1 could save a little girl from prostituting herself out or a little boy turing to a life of crime so he can have a handful of rice.

I know I’m laying it on pretty thick here, but please consider giving to this cause. There’s really no sacrifice of giving up a dollar is there? BUT, we’re asking you to not only give, but to correspond with, pray for, and possibly even come visit your sponsored child. I promise you, your child will hear the Gospel daily. I will personally see to it that if they give their lives to the Lord that they will be discipled and trained to disciple.

Twenty kids at $25 a kid is only $500, we’d give that money ourselves but I want to share this ministry with our friends, family, and fellow believers. All we need is 20 people 19 people (the Poor’s will be the first to sponsor a child for sure!) to generously give.

If you want to sponsor a child you can:
Email us if you are interested. Once you’re signed up to support a child, your monthly giving can give through our website, or you can give through SW Bible Church, Lake Tapps Community Church, The Southeast Church, or Grace Bible Fellowship just make sure you mark you church giving to be for the Poor’s Haitian School and we’ll send the money on. We’re not taking a cut on any money given.

Please, please give.


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