Old friends

I am writing a lot this week because I do want to remember it, and I don’t really like writing in a journal because my hand always starts to hurt before I am done saying what I want to say. Yesterday was our last day at church which is weird, even though we have only been attending for a couple years we really enjoyed our time there. It was a great place for healing and moving on from everything that happened with our other church. We have also made a lot of really good friends.

This morning we were able to hang out with some friends, and it was just so easy and relaxing. Our kids have grown up with each other and play well together. I feel completely comfortable at their house which is easy because they are some of the most hospitable people that I have ever met. As we sat around the table, talked, and laughed I was once again overwhelmed with the joy of having good friends in our life.

Old friends (which sounds like a negative term but really it’s just  friends that we’ve had for awhile) are just easy. Time goes by and you pick up right where you left off. The good things about old friends is I don’t really have to worry about those relationships fading away because I know that when we come back to visit we will just pick up right where we left off. Today I am thanking the Lord for the joy of good, old, forever friends.


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