June Update


It has been another crazy month of support raising for the Poor Family. The Lord has been faithful and has been showing us His power and how we can rest in His provision. We are praying and trusting that the Lord will  bring in the support that we need so we can leave by August 1st. We are confident that the Lord will do this and we are actively preparing to leave on August 1st even though we are still waiting for the Lord to provide the remaining 28%. If you have been waiting for a good time to start giving, now would be a great time to start!

The month of June looks to be another crazy month. We have several desserts planned throughout the month where we will be sharing our vision and heart for the Dominican. Please pray that during these desserts the Lord will convict people’s hearts to support us and our ministry in the Dominican. If you would like to host a dessert and invite some friends over to hear about what we are doing, that would be a huge blessing for us.

We plan on going to California the last part of June and early part of July for two weeks with Emilie’s family and visiting her sister, our brother-in-law, and nephews. All of us are extremely excited for this time to spend with our family before we leave. Randy is going to be preaching at a church down there and we have other support raising opportunities, so please keep us in your prayers as we travel and talk with more people.

Thank you everyone for your continued love, support, and prayer. We have been so encouraged and blessed by all of you throughout the last months of raising support.

What to be praying for:

  • We would reach 100% support and be able to leave by August 1st
  • Praise for the provision of almost all our sending costs
  • New supports and good times sharing with people
  • Strength as we say goodbye to family and friends
  • Continued provision of clothing for a move to a warmer climate

Things we could use:

  • We still need a couple more big suitcases and 6 more carry ons for the big move
  • Kids clothes boys size 8-10, girls size 6-8, and any old summer clothes for Randy and Emilie you all could spare
  • Laptop or Netbook to be used in connection with our digital home phone

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