THe Small Joys of HOmeschooling


In the middle of raising support we are also a homeschool family. Many days this just feels like their is constant chaos in our small little homes. But, when you see your child excelling in an area it brings joy to a momma’s  heart. Autry has recently decided that he want to be a writer and has begun writing a story. I wanted to share the beginning of Autry’s newest story:

Kay and his friends were pacing in the castle. When they heard a shout. They ran into the village. The village was empty. “Um,” said Kay, “Where is everybody?”

“I don’t know” said one of his friends.

“Maybe they are on the vacation.” said his other friend. 

They looked around the village but it was empty, “We better go get some weapons from the armory,” said Kay, “So we can go looking for everyone in the wild woods.”

So they went down the 550 steps to the armory. When they got to the bottom finally they got right to work. They started to gather weapons. When they were loaded with weapons like swords and daggers, numchucks, bows and arrows, and battle axes…

 Thats all for now but I can’t wait to find out the rest of the story.


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