When I woke up in the morning…

I woke up yesterday morning and checked my phone right away. The night before was the night we were suppose to meet our 65% goal of raised support. I was positive that when I checked my email I would have a handful of emails of people telling me of their decision to support us. I was positive God was going to provide and we were going to hit our goal of 65%. But there was nothing…

I couldn’t believe it, I was so sure that we were going to make it. At the beginning of last week we were at 51% but no hurdle is to big for God, right? We knew of $90 more of support so that but us at 54.6%, but that was a far cry from the 65% that we hoped to be at. As I got up I kept telling myself it was okay, our job is to have faith that God is absolutely able to provide, and if he says “no” our job is than to accept that. But I will be honest that I was bummed.

The whole day I kept to talk myself through what it means to have faith even when our expectations are not met. Which is a faith building exercise right there. By evening I can honestly say I was completely at peace with where we were at support wise. I was confident in the Lord’s provision towards the Dominican no matter where we were that specific day. That night we went over to our friend’s house for dinner when we received a text that more money had come in that we didn’t know about. What?!?!??!? We were actually at 62.6% I couldn’t believe it. In a matter of 3 days we had increased in support by almost $250 of monthly support.

As we drove home I reflected on how overwhelmed I am by the Lord’s provision. We didn’t make it quite to the 65% but pretty darn close, and way closer than we had been that morning. I am rejoicing like we made it to 65%. I am rejoicing that the Lord continues to provide for us to get to the Dominican. I am humbled that the Lord is leading us toward the Dominican and providing in amazing ways. He even provides within our timelines which blows my mind entirely.  I ask the question all the time, “Why me Lord? Why are you so good to me? I don’t deserve this blessing of being able to go on the mission field”

The answer is always the same, “You are right, you don’t deserve it. But, I love you, I chose you, and I am working in you. I am going to continue to work through you and bring you to the Dominican Republic. Not because of you, but because of me in you.”

Wow, I am so thankful for the Lord’s provision. I am thankful that he provides in his timing. I am thankful that he saved me and he is working in me until the day of Christ Jesus.


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