Poor Family Update

We hope you are all well and you are enjoying the riches of His glorious grace. We are hoping to leave for the Dominican Republic in under 4 months and are at 52% support. We know we say this every time but the Lord is continuing to grow us in our faith and dependency on him. Raising support is an a emotional and humbling experience and we are thankful that we get to go through the process.
Some exciting news is that Randy has been able to quit his job at the post office!  His work at the post office was 6 days a week 9-11 hours a day and really didn’t allow us to do much of anything else. In the next couple months Randy is going to be subbing at the local high schools. He is also going to use the next few months to learn Spanish, meet with people about supporting us, help coach Autry’s baseball team, and this will  free us both up for more ministry opportunities. He also has the opportunity to share at the Lake Tapps Community Church men’s breakfast on May 4th.
Our goal is to be at 65% support by April 16th. That is 6 days away and we still need $325 of monthly support. This seems like a lot but we have faith in the Lord’s provision. He is the Lord who parted the red sea, sent food from heaven, and rose from the dead. We have absolute faith that he will provide the $325 we need to hit our goal of 65% support.
Here are some needs that we have at the moment
  • To hit 65% of our monthly support
  • Prayer for endurance and reliance on God as we raise support
  • Size 6-9 girls summer clothes ( we plan to bring the next few sizes for the girls to provide for the next few years)
  • Size 8-12 boys summer clothes
  • a point and shoot camera
Thanks again for all of your support. We have been humbled and amazed by the support of all of you. You are a great encouragement to our lives! If you would like to support us here is the link (https://thesoutheastchurch.cloverdonations.com/randy-and-emilie-poor-dr-missionaries/).
Soli Deo Gloria,
The Poor Family

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