Increase my faith no matter what

Yesterday was a rough day. We received news that some large support that we were counting on wouldn’t be coming. Crushing disappointment would be the first emotion that came.  But, then I remembered that I had been praying the day before these words. “God I feel that so far support raising has been fairly easy. You have provided support at unexpected times and raised people up that we had no idea about. I know that at some point this is going to get hard, please increase my faith even when it’s hard.” 

And then the next day God gave us a support raising trial. I remembered this prayer and I said, God please grow my faith. I have been reading through the old testament and the times when the Israelites keep forgetting to recall the great miracles that God performed in delivering them out of Egypt. The first trial that comes around they loose complete faith and start to complain. I want to remember the amazing ways that the Lord has been providing support, instead of dwelling on the discouragement in front of us. It is so easy to get discouraged by the immediate instead of remembering the great works of the Lord.  I pray that even in hard times God will increase my faith. 


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