I feel so blessed

Over the last month that we have been raising support I have gone through a myriad of emotions. I have felt joyful, overwhelmed, anxious, thankful, humbled, excited, discouraged, encouraged… I am not sure if all those are actually emotions but it is how I have felt. But through all those emotions the main thing that I have felt is blessed.

How amazing is it that the Lord has allowed my family to prepare for the mission field? It is this incredible gift that the Lord has given us. We get to be used by God to go and make disciples and teach other people in a different country about our Lord and Savior.

Every time that we have received a support gift I feel so immensely blessed. I try and explain in words how I feel ever time I find out about another person supporting us, but I am not sure that I can. Every time I hear of someone else supporting us I feel like falling on my knees in humility and gratitude and praising the Lord (but people might things I have lost my mind if I did this). It is an amazing opportunity and privilege for someone to tell you they have chosen to support you. How great is the Lord that he has impressed on different people’s hearts to give to us (well really the Lord) their hard earned money. I don’t feel worthy, but the Lord is using other people to send us out on the mission field. It is a blessing beyond words.

Another blessing is getting to hang out and talk to so many awesome people. Raising support makes you be all the more intentional about hanging out with people. I have realized that I desperately need other people’s partnership to be successful. I have been so blessed by our friends and family as we have shared with them what the Lord has impressed upon our hearts. I have been so encouraged by you all!

Thank you all who have given, are planning on giving, or are praying about giving, you have been an amazing blessing to us. I praise the Lord for your generosity!


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