Oh you of little faith

It is amazing how God works in amazing ways at just the right time. The last couple days I have felt growing apprehension about raising support. It really does seem close to impossible to raise the amount of money that we need to raise in the time frame we want to raise it.

I look at our circle of influence and think, do we even know enough people to raise enough money? Am I really brave enough to ask people for money? Are people going to get annoyed with us asking for money? Will raising support change friendships? Or even I hope people realize that they can support us in so many more ways than financial support.

It is really hard putting yourself out there.

But, that is not what I want to write about today. What I want to write about is how God gives us gifts when we need it it. Gifts from God when he prompts people to give to us. There are so many stories to tell but a few of these gifts are when God prompts a 17 year old girl who has her first job to start supporting us monthly. Or this morning when I pray “God I am feeling discouraged, would it be possible to find out one more person is supporting us today?” Then I get a text from Randy that another person has pledged $50 monthly support.

I am so thankful for the ways God works through his people. Every gift we receive is such a huge encouragement to us.

My faith is so small and God is so big. I pray that I will continue to have faith in who God is.


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